Welcome to Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online at Stony Brook University

Are you one of the tens of thousands of workers in American industry who possess an associate's degree in a related field? Are you looking to complete the next level of your education? Do you want an online option that will enable you to complete your Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering while working?

Stony Brook University's Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering online (BSEEOL) degree program provides the flexibility and convenience you need to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering while continuing in your current job. This program is ideal for professionals and qualified students who are seeking an excellent education in electrical engineering and commensurate opportunities for career advancement.

The BSEEOL program is administered by Stony Brook University and courses are taught online by faculty members at Stony Brook University, University at Buffalo and Binghamton University.

This program offers upper-division undergraduate courses, typically offered during the third and fourth years of a four-year undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering.

The program is taught completely online, asynchronously delivered for flexible scheduling, and provides all courses, materials, tests, labs, discussions, advising and contact with faculty completely online over the Internet.

The academic goals of the program are described in two documents: BSEEOL Program Educational Objectives and BSEEOL Student Outcomes.

BSEE Online is a NY state approved degree program in Electrical Engineering. This program is supported by the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University.

BSEE Online is now in partnership with Open SUNY. For more info on Open SUNY, please contact open.suny.edu .

Current BSEEOL students and new applicants who wish to enroll in summer courses please email to BSEEOL for academic advisement and course permissions.

News and Events

BSEEOL Summer 2014 Course Schedule has been posted.
The registration for Summer 2014 is open now.

To apply, go to the SBU Summer Application. page

Summer session dates:

Standard Session May 27 - July 5, 2014.

Extended Session May 27 - July 17, 2014.


Please see our Apply page for application details.

Applicants who satisfy our Admission Requirements can apply as matriculating students.

Some of our courses are also available to non-matriculating students. See our Apply page for details.